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Privacy policy

Sogo Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company), under the protection of the philosophy of individual rights and interests, that handle your personal information accurate, and confidential, recognizing that it is an important responsibility for the Company, of the following in accordance with the basic policy, to protect your personal information, we will continue to respond to the trust of society.

  1. We, if you want to obtain personal information (refers to information that can identify a specific individual), and explicitly in advance collection and use purpose, to get the personal information within the scope of the Company’s legitimate business.
  2. We will use within the scope necessary to achieve the personal information purpose.
    If you need to use the personal information beyond this range has occurred, with the exception of the cases where there is a provision in the laws and regulations, and for its use shall receive your consent.
  3. We unauthorized external access to personal information loss, destruction, alteration, and protected from leakage, etc., to ensure the accuracy and safety, take organizational, technical safety measures.
  4. Company If you have the consent in advance, or unless it is determined by the laws and regulations, does not have to disclose or provide your personal information without the consent of the third party.
  5. We, disclosure from the customer himself, correction, deletion, if you have received your request for correction, etc., to go to confirm that it is your identity, will respond promptly.
  6. We, laws and regulations that are summary for personal information, is that to comply with the norms as well, such as maintenance and employees of education of internal regulations, we will strive to continually improve and strengthen also internal systems